Goal: The goal of this workshop is to provide a compact yet comprehensive introduction for network analysis. The workshop aims at giving the participants the theoretical background in addition to a practical applications of network analysis. The target group of the workshop is master and PhD students as well as employees from companies who are interested in understanding their data in order to get insights from it.


Instructor: The workshop will be held by Prof. Dr. Katharina A. Zweig, the head of Complex Network Analysis and Graph Theory research group at computer science department, University of Kaiserslautern.

Date and Place: Tuesday, 23rd of September, in room FZI-I.

Registration: The number of available places is 50 participants. You can register until Tuesday, 2nd of September by sending an email to Ms. Karin Freeman:

Preparation: The workshop will contain a practical exercises, so please come prepared with the following software on your laptop:

  • Download R, a statistical and analytical software, from this website: Additionally, you can download RStudio, a nice IDE for R, from here:
  • For analyzing networks, there are many software packages that can be installed. Please install the following packages: igraph, SNA. If you are using RStudio it is so easy to install these packages ( tools > install packages).